• Hitomi Ejima

Your Myers-Briggs Type, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Myers-Briggs is arguably one of the most popular personality tests out there. But did you know that there is a corresponding zodiac sign for each of the 16 personality types? The mapping varies depending on who you ask (usually based off of common stereotypes), and they may not always match in real life. Types tend to change over time, and you can always take this free test to find out your current MBTI type.

Does your zodiac sign and MBTI type match? Read on to find out.


ESTJs (Executives) are great at managing people and things, while ESTPs (Entrepreneurs) are all about living life on the edge. Both have enormous amounts of energy to bring to the table, which is what Aries is all about! You love to be where the action is, and your presence is difficult to be ignored. You're also not afraid to speak your mind, and are quick to get down to business. At the same time, you also like to mix things up from time to time to keep things exciting, as you're one to get bored quite easily.

Taurus: ISFJ

ISFJs (Defenders) are dedicated to protect their loved ones. Loyalty and care are two key traits in Taureans, and this MBTI type is all about patience and reliability. You radiate warmth and will stay committed no matter what, making you a truly dependable and trustworthy friend.

Gemini: ESFP

ESFPs (Entertainers) have a contagious energy that make life fun and interesting for everyone around them. You love all things new whether it's friends or experiences, and you thrive in uncharted territory compared to most people. You are also a great communicator and know how to tickle an entire room, and people can always count on you to easily lighten up the mood.

Cancer: INFJ

INFJs (Advocates) are idealists that bring inspiration to the world. Cancers are gifted with deep intuition and are a great judge of people, which is what makes them excellent leaders. You constantly seek what motivates people and try to find true meaning in life, and knowing these you are able to rally others towards a powerful and genuine cause.


ENFPs (Campaigners) are sociable, positive people who always bring a smile to others. You have a big, warm heart and thrive with confidence when admired by others. You love attention, but will readily give back recognition to those who truly deserve it. You are a star and you should never dull your shine!

Virgo: ISTP

ISTPs (Virtuosos) are bold yet practical experimenters who know the ways of the world. As a Virgo, you are meticulous and detail-oriented, which makes you the go-to person to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. You are also facts-oriented and logical, meaning you won't hesitate to try out something new if it will drive better results.

Libra: ESFJ

ESFJs (Consuls) are highly caring people who go out of their way to help others. Librans are all about harmony and diplomacy, and make excellent hosts. You know everyone's needs and can make anyone feel comfortable, making you an indispensable friend. Your natural charm also makes it easier for you to avoid or resolve conflict.

Scorpio: INTJ

INTJs (Architects) are imaginative and strategic thinkers who always have a plan for everything. With a Scorpio's natural cunning, they are able to devise ways around problems, and while their introverted nature may make them seem the brooding type, there is always a sharp mind working in the background.

Sagittarius: ENFJ

ENFJs (Protagonists) are charismatic, inspiring leaders who can easily captivate an audience. Naturally fun-loving and adventurous, Sagittarians make great teachers for their inherent ability to motivate others. They are sociable and highly attuned to what drives people, also making them excellent coaches.

Capricorn: ISTJ

ISTJs (Logisticians) are practical, reliable individuals you can always count on. Capricorns have a strong sense of discipline and look at the world carefully and rationally, making them one of the most dependable of the signs. You have a strong work ethic and value hard work, making you unstoppable once you set your mind on a goal.

Aquarius: INTP/ENTP

INTPs (Logicians) are innovative inventors with an insatiable hunger for knowledge, while ENTPs (Debaters) are brilliant, curious thinkers who are always up for an intellectual challenge. This perfectly encapsulates the maverick Aquarian, with their mind buzzing with a thousand new ideas per minute. You are a great problem-solver, and people can always rely on you for fresh, groundbreaking ideas.


INFPs (Mediators) are altruistic people who always help a good cause, while ISFPs (Adventurers) are creative artists who are eager to explore the world. Pisces are arguably the most empathetic of the signs, and with their natural passion and creativity they can produce meaningful and provoking works of art. They are also selfless and will put others' needs before their own, making them one of the most sensitive and compassionate friends you could ever have.


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