• Hitomi Ejima

These Stores Will Make You Want to Hoard Accessories for Your Zodiac Sign

Looking to spice up your wardrobe? Sometimes adding a single accessory is enough to chic up your look, and it doesn't even have to break the bank.

If you're feeling particularly expressive of your love for astrology (or just want a nice symbol to represent you), these gorgeous, zodiac-inspired pieces from local Filipino sellers might be just what you need to complete your #OOTD.

(Shop at @snowflake_ph on IG)

Snowflake PH specializes in Korean bags and accessories, which are not only pretty but also ridiculously cheap. This cosmic pair of earrings is only 230 php, and it's non-tarnish and hypoallergenic too. They have a great collection of dainty, simple pieces for those who don't want anything too ostentatious.

(Shop at @simple.blissmnl on IG)

These cute zodiac pendants are from Simple Bliss Manila, which is a great store to check out for other mystic merchandise such as essential oils, crystal bracelets, and their beautiful, pressed flower necklaces for the inner herbologist in you. They also customize trinkets such as name tags for pendants, which is always a nice gift for someone special.

(Shop at @shopjuliaaparente on IG)

We're in love with this constellation ring collection from Handmade by Julia, from designer Julia Aparente. She mostly creates portrait tokens for weddings, but it hasn't stopped her from tapping into her inner cosmic to produce these lovely rings. This constellation collection also comes in bracelets and earrings, if you're having trouble deciding.

(Shop at @drape.mnl on IG)

This pairing of your zodiac symbol and birthstone is the perfect combination from Drape MNL, which is available in rose gold finish. They also have constellation pendants and birth flower pendants, as well as variations in earrings and bracelets, so you won't run out of gorgeous pieces to choose from.

(Shop at @goldsmithsgranddaughter on IG)

These gold plated, stainless steel zodiac pendants are 320 php a pop, and they're all so pretty it makes one want to collect all of them! Goldsmith's Granddaughter also makes leather name tags, crystal bracelets, and other customizable paraphernalia.

(Shop at @fillintheblanksjewelry on IG)

This sun pendant from Fill in the Blanks Jewelry is positively radiant, and is sure to glow up anyone's wardrobe. They specialize in engraving, so if you have a name, symbol, or message in mind, they're the place to go. (They've even been featured in a recent Jollibee commercial, so that's a testament to their work!)

(Shop at @zodiakph.braceletshop on IG)

If you love wearing crystal bracelets, this zodiac variation in turquoise and black onyx from Zodiak PH is perfect to incorporate with your current collection. They also post free horoscopes regularly on their Instagram, as well as announcements for any sales or discounts. Definitely worth the follow!

Regardless of your style preferences, there's bound to be a piece or two you can find for you in these stores. Let's support our local market, spread more mystic vibes, while looking good at the same time!


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