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Tarot Decks From Filipino Artists to Add to Your Collection

Updated: Feb 24

For tarot readers practicing both professionally and privately, there's usually more than one deck in their arsenal. Different decks can be used for different spreads, queries, or energies, or even something as simple as depending on your mood that day.

There are now a multitude of tarot decks from artists around the world, catering to different styles and tastes. Several Filipino artists have also joined in to create their own pieces, adding a local flair for a more nuanced experience. We've got our eyes peeled on these five creators and the beautiful designs they've created, which are worth adding to anyone's collection.

Kapwa Tarot

(Source: @jlcreator on IG)

Jana Lynne "JL" Umipig is the creator of Kapwa Tarot, which is a full deck of 78 cards filled with imagery inspired by Filipino ancestral art. It pays homage to our pre-colonial roots and localizes the traditional names of the Major and Minor Arcana to something closer to home (e.g. The High Priestess as Babaylan, Three of Wands as Tatlo ng Rattan, etc.). It is simple and unassuming but equally powerful in its own right, having already sold over 650 decks around the world since its creation in 2017.

To order, interested buyers may fill up an order form here.

No Filter

(Source: @nofilter.wtf on IG)

No Filter is the brainchild of astrologer and author Chinggay Labrador (who we've featured in another article) and designer Mikko Sumulong. It's the perfect deck for beginners, since it can take time to learn how to decode the different meanings and symbolisms behind tarot cards. Like the name suggests, it's for those who prefer quick, straight-up, no-nonsense advice, and it's cute to look at at the same time.

It comes in two versions: No Filter Oracle and No Filter Woowoo. Oracle comes in 52 cards (1,300 php), providing bite-sized messages from the universe instead of drawing from the standard arcana format. Woowoo is a little more exhaustive at 124 cards (varies from 2,999 to 4,999 php), mixing astrology with tarot to help guide you better on your query, based on the different elements of the zodiac.

To order, check out the official website here.

Quiet Mystic

(Source: @quietmystic on IG)

Quiet Mystic is yet another creation of Chinggay Labrador, this time with designer Wiji Lacsamana. Its watercolor imagery is a soothing sight for sore eyes, drawing inspiration from the four elements of fire, water, air and earth for a more naturistic experience. It comes in 40 cards and a helpful guide for card meanings, priced at 1,600 php.

To order, you can purchase it from Wiji's website here.

Imaginarium Tarot

(Source: @imaginariumtarot on IG)

Imaginarium Tarot is created by designer CJ Francisco, who is also a certified tarot consultant based in Siargao Island. His colorful designs look like scenes out of a fantasy novel, and you're bound to have a pretty surreal experience having a tarot reading by the sea!

Imaginarium Tarot is priced at 1,800 php, which can be ordered online via Instagram or sold in limited supply in select crystal shops such as 5D Healing Crystals.

Mga Baraha

(Source: @mgabaraha on IG)

Mga Baraha is also designed by No Filter's Mikko Sumulong, providing simple, one-word messages in an equally minimalistic fashion. This 72-card deck (1,599 php) is also recommended for beginners as their Instagram also shares different kinds of spreads and helpful tips on how to ask the right questions.

To order, get it from Mikko's website here.

These artists are definitely on our radar, and we're on the lookout for new collections everyday! If you or someone you know has their own deck you'd like to be featured, send us a message in the comments section below!


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