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Mystic of the Month: Tsaastrology

Bern, Nikki, and VP are the masterminds behind Tsaastrology, a Filipino astrology account known for notoriously spilling the tea (tsaa) on all the zodiac signs. Their Twitter has a growing following of 82,000+ followers, and their podcast on Spotify is now at over 30 episodes.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the minds of Bern, Nikki, and VP to learn the concept behind Tsaastrology, their personal beliefs, as well as their future plans.

What are everyone's sun + moon + rising combinations?

Bern: I'm a Gemini sun, Scorpio moon, Leo rising.

Nikki: Scorpio sun, Leo moon, Virgo rising.

VP: Virgo sun, Taurus moon, Virgo rising.

How do you guys know each other?

Nikki: I met VP through Tumblr and Bern via Twitter.

VP: We also know each other through common friends. We just clicked and when the whole astrology thing happened, we just bonded even more.

What sparked your interest with astrology? How was the learning journey like?

Bern: Back in high school, I got a booklet about astrology and I read it and kept it to heart. I started "reading" other people back then and I was always 9 times out of 10 correct. But I never really got past the sun signs until recently and it's nice to learn that along with our listeners.

Nikki: I have always been "attuned" to the occult stuff. Back in high school, I had a book on divination and would usually spend extra hours in school just to read about it in the library. I remember looking up recipes for potions and tinctures to be "clairvoyant" which turned out to be recipes for edible marijuana. LOL.

VP: I was still in elementary school when I first found a book about astrology in our house and started reading about my sign. I didn't understand it much then, but I felt like some of the things there described who I am as a person. Ever since then, I've taken an interest in astrology and other divinations - and learned about reading the tarot! The learning journey mostly felt like a natural progressions; it's like when you're interested in something and you just continue reading and exploring it and eventually find yourself more knowledgeable about it.

What is the inspiration behind Tsaastrology?

Bern: We just wanted to 'spill tea' about people using the signs. It wasn't really supposed to be that serious to begin with.

Nikki: Yeah, it was meant to be a parody account to taunt people using their zodiac to blatantly call them out.

VP: We just really wanted to do a horoscope thread that scratches on the bad and humorous side of people. We were just a bunch of people with abrasive personalities and wanted an outlet. Eventually, people caught on and we continued.

Why do you think astrology has gained popularity among young Filipinos today? Why do you think Tsaastrology in particular has become a hit?

Bern: Maybe because we're relatable sometimes. People nowadays are into the whole 'getting to know yourself better' thing and I think astrology helps them make sense of who and what they are. By no means are we saying that each sign's characteristic is going to be that way for everyone, but it does help in making one understand their quirks and stuff.

Nikki: People love getting dragged. LOL.

VP: Being superstitious, most Filipinos tend to put faith in things we can't explain and sometimes, astrology answers that for them. I think our generation today is also always looking for ways to explain our thinking and our actions. I think what people like about Tsaastrology is the unapologetic humor. Friends would sometimes tell us to fuck off when we write something they can extremely relate to (even thinking that we purposely wrote it about them). People just usually relate to it naturally.

If you could choose to be another sign, what would it be and why?

Bern: Still a Gemini. We're awesome. Deal with it.

Nikki: I actually prefer to keep my natal chart. I feel like this is uniquely me and I wouldn't want to trade any of it.

VP: Libra - because they're always just so nice and pleasant. I probably wouldn't like the indecisions but as a Virgo, I'd probably enjoy being that carefree.

Are there certain stereotypes in your individual signs that don't apply to you?

Bern: Geminis are said to love moving around to learn more things, but I'd rather stay at home, cook, and watch Netflix most of the time. The Metro Manila traffic is morbidly frustrating for a Gemini after all.

Nikki: Like we're tagged as hypersexual beings! I can be very productive too, you know. We don't think about sex round the clock. LOL.

VP: Virgos are often described to be organized, even with money. Not me. I'm broke AF.

Apart from astrology, do you have other mystic-related interests?

Bern: *laughs* I'm not telling.

Nikki: I can read The Clow. I used to do palm reading but I don't know how to do it anymore. I also used to dabble in dream interpretation but I can't recall much of it now.

VP: I've always loved reading about Filipino mythology and mysticism. It's such a colorful and vibrant world, and our folklore deserves more time in the spotlight. I also read the tarot but often do it exclusively for friends - unless it's a special request! I'm pretty shy about my readings!

When you aren't busy making content for Tsaastrology, what do you do?

Bern: I work from home. I cook. I eat. I spend time with my boyfriend and talk endlessly.

Nikki: I work for a UN-based NGO. I play badminton and volleyball, and I paint using watercolors.

VP: I work as a creative lead in an events agency. I also regularly attend classes at Electric Studio and go ham on the bike! Otherwise, I'm just at home playing video games, doing yoga, and watching stand-up comedy specials on Netflix.

What are your future plans for Tsaastrology? What kinds of new content can your followers look forward to?

Nikki: We just want to keep on being as entertaining and informative as possible, whether it's about astrology or something more serious. The platform is there and we do believe we have a good impact on people. We're not aiming to change the world, but maybe make it a little bit enjoyable and relatable through astrology.

VP: We have a lot planned out for Tsaastrology. There are other forms of content we're looking at but right now, our followers can look forward to more podcast episodes and more hurtful and abrasive tweets. We're also kicking our visual content up a notch through Facebook and Instagram (we're just pretty busy lately, sorry!). Oh, and one more thing... merch. HAHA!

Make sure to follow Tsaastrology on social media to get your daily dose of tea on all the signs!


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