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Moon Phases and Their Spiritual Meanings

This coming April 7th is the fourth full moon for 2020. We've already shared with you some spells and rituals to try out every full moon, but did you know that each phase of the moon is spiritually significant in its own way? Let's break down each moon phase and the spiritual meaning it brings into our lives.

(Art by @missemiwan on IG)

New Moon

If there's an any better time for a restart, it's during a new moon. It's great for setting intentions, starting new projects, and letting the universe know your thoughts and desires. It's also a good time to unplug from the rest of the world to recharge for the month ahead.

Waxing Crescent

After setting your intentions during the new moon, during waxing crescent is the time to start acting towards these goals. You are now slowly building up energy to take on these projects and ideas.

First Quarter

Your determination and resolve will be tested during this period, as obstacles and challenges start to appear during the first quarter. Keep your eyes on the prize, as you will now have to work harder to get what you want.

Waxing Gibbous

With the challenges from the first quarter being realized, now is the time to reflect on any changes that need to be done. Should things be approached differently? Should goals be re-prioritized? Is a change in direction needed? This is the time to answer such questions.

Full Moon

Depending on how hard you worked on your goals, this is the time when things come into fruition. Results start to show, and other benefits are realized. This is a time to welcome all the gifts the universe has to offer.

Waning Gibbous

After opening up to receive all the gifts of your labor, now is a time for gratitude and giving back. Pass on the blessings you have received, and at the same time reflect on your learnings over the last few weeks. What went wrong? What can be improved? These are just some of the questions to ruminate on.

Last Quarter

This is the perfect time to release burdens, anger, and other feelings of negative energy. To make way for a new cycle, one must shed things that will only hold us back. This is a time for forgiveness, reconciliation, and learning to appreciate and love ourselves better. Externally, this is also a good time to cleanse your surroundings.

Waning Crescent

This is a time to rest and recover after working hard the last couple of weeks. In case you have not achieved your goal, this is also a period of acceptance and letting go. Don't beat yourself up and try harder next time. Simply surrender and remember that you always have another chance come next new moon.

(Art by @kiarastellar on IG)


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