• Hitomi Ejima

Gemini Season 2020: What to Expect

Gemini season is here! The world is now waking up from chill and easy slumber of Taurus season, and everyone's energy is up! What does this mean for your sign? Read on to find out.


Your friends will be a significant spotlight for you this season, dear Aries. Your messenger will be blowing up nonstop with chats, and you'll probably be dialing into Zoom a lot more often. At a time when we're all desperate for human connection, cherishing and nurturing your friendships will allow you to destress from everything crazy happening in the world right now. Besides, who says you can't socialize during quarantine? Go ahead and schedule that group chat and have fun!


Money has always been an important part of your life, so you may expect some news or updates regarding your finances. It can be from your bank or a new career opportunity, and this is basically a good time to improve on money matters. However, this also means cutting back on all that online shopping you so love to do! It's still Venus retrograde until June 25, so we'd Remove from cart if we were you, otherwise you may end up regretting all those fancy purchases!


It's finally your season, lovely Gemini! Your love life is of particular focus right now, especially in the way you express yourself. Venus retrograde has got your feelings all muddled up, so try not to make any serious commitments in a new relationship. Don't be afraid to communicate how you give and receive love to clear any misunderstandings and deepen bonds with others. This will also prove therapeutic for you as well, because the stronger the connection, the more fulfilled you will feel.


Despite everyone else feeling the social buzz this season, you're more likely to retreat into your shell during this time. Your season is coming up next month, so take the time to recuperate to welcome your season with new energy. You'll also be feeling reflective, preferring to meditate, journal, or read a book instead of the usual catch-up with loved ones. Don't feel bad about it—use this time to take care of yourself and do some deep healing on all the wounds you've been plastering with a Band-Aid up until this point.


Always one of the first to join the crowd, you're feeding off the social flames of Gemini season! You've probably mastered the art of staying connected in the time of COVID by now, which is why it may be time to take your relationships to the next level. Instead of the usual topics over Zoom or chat, try to get to know your friends a little deeper. Reflect on how you can grow as a better person through your friends and spread kindness wherever possible.


Work has always been a focal point for you, but especially now more than ever this Gemini season. We know you've already got things down pat on the business-as-usual side of things, but this month you'll be more aware of the power dynamics at work. Positively, this could mean a potential raise or promotion, but it might also mean a clash with your boss or co-workers. Try to rise above the politics, and as long as you focus on what you do best (which is practically everything), you'll have no problem climbing up to the top.


Travel and higher education—which are the areas the 9th house governs—will be key themes for you this season. You won't be able to scratch that travel bug any time soon, but that shouldn't stop you from planning an itinerary, e-meeting people from other countries, or taking up a new language course online. The world is now more hyper-connected than ever, and there is nothing your curiosity can't reach. Go ahead and broaden your mental horizons, dear Libra!


Intimacy has always been a tricky issue for you, and you may be forced to deal with it this season. Gemini season has got you exploring your closest connections, whether it's getting to know them on a much deeper level, or assessing old relationships that no longer serve you. The latter may seem easier, but either way, there will be a wealth of learnings to be found in the people around you. This month, you get a free pass for your favorite pastime—setting boundaries—especially on those people who don't have your best interests in mind.


Your sign is the direct opposite of Gemini, and this season, you'll be exploring your one-on-one relationships more closely, whether it's your partner or your best friend. If everything's smooth sailing then keep at it, but if things have started becoming difficult, you may need to start thinking a bit more carefully if things are worth pursuing. Make a list of all the pros and cons to help you decide, and remember that you need to come first before anyone else.


Your work life will be amplified this season (what else is new?), particularly in new opportunities coming your way via email or communication with your boss or colleagues. However, work-life balance is always important (which you sometimes tend to forget), and this month you would benefit from being extra mindful of your daily routines outside of work. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you finding ways to destress after a long day? However small, these little habits can go a long way in helping you be happier in the long run.


You are thriving this Gemini season, and some may even argue you'll be enjoying this more than the Geminis! The romance department will take center stage for you this month, but don't expect anything serious. After all, starting anything during Venus retrograde may not last in the long run. However, you shouldn't deny yourself a harmless little fling (whether online or with proper social distancing measures in place!), so go ahead and have fun!


You may have been stuck at home with family for the last two months, but you'll be finding ways to bond with the fam even more closely this season. Whether it's playing board games or watching Netflix together, this is a good time for you to connect better with your family. Your home life in general is a highlight this season, and you may be finding yourself starting some home improvement projects such as redecorating your room, doing some spring cleaning, or optimizing your home office to work better remotely.


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