• Hitomi Ejima

Cancer Season 2020: What to Expect

Feeling crabby lately? It's not just you. Cancer season is here, and everyone is feeling ready to crawl back into their shells after the outgoing mood of Gemini season. And you're not just PMS-ing; we'll all be more emotional than usual, and home and family life will be of particular focus. Gemini season got you meeting new people, and this month you'll be making deeper connections with them, whether it's with friends or romantic relationships.

Fellow water signs (Scorpio, Pisces) will be thriving, while cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn) may have trouble keeping their head above water! Keep reading to find out your horoscope this season.


You'll be taking a trip down memory lane, particularly focusing on your childhood. Despite everything, your family continues to be your biggest support system, and this season you'll be reconnecting with your roots to further deepen those ties. You may be staying indoors but things can still get emotionally draining, so take things easy whenever you can.


It's yet another Mercury retrograde, but you may be better equipped this time as you'll learn to communicate better. As an earth sign you're not usually vocal with your emotions, but you'll find ways to express yourself in a way that feels comfortable and genuine to you. Just remember that communication isn't just about speaking, but listening to others as well.


You may be feeling the itch to spend more than usual, but take this time to reflect on the connection between your spending habits and how you view your own self-worth. Do material things really bring you happiness, or are you simply filling a void? Avoid any big purchases during Mercury retrograde and ask yourself: do you really need it, or are you just bored?


Happy birthday, dearest Cancer! The universe is blessing you with a heightened sense of intuition and empathy, allowing you to nurture those cherished relationships into something deeper. Career will be of particular focus during your season, giving you the opportunity to really think about what you want to do in life and how you're going to get there.


You may be running into an ex no thanks to Mercury retrograde, but this is a chance for you to have some proper closure and release any emotional baggage you have been carrying for quite some time. This is a period of healing and recharging, so that when your time to shine comes around next month, you'll be pouncing on things with newfound energy.


You'll be devoting time taking care of your friendships this season, getting to know them better and knowing more about yourself and how you belong in this world in return. Retrograde may cause some miscommunication and rifts, but true colors will always show and you'll know which friends to keep and which ones to let go of.


You'll be working hard and focusing on your career, growing and solidifying your reputation in your chosen industry. Hard work always pays off, and it doesn't necessarily mean overtime. You're finding the balance doing impactful work without stretching yourself too thin, and trust that you will get the recognition and value you deserve in return.


It sucks still not being able to get out of the country (let alone the house), but your wanderlust can be sated in other ways. Watch a travel documentary, learn a new language, or even meet new people from other countries online. Nothing is stopping you from broadening your horizons, and you'll find it an enriching experience learning something new.


There will be some emotional growth happening around this time, whether you like it or not. You may not always be the type to commit or stay in a relationship for too long, but this season will be a period of maturity and spiritual transformation. You'll know the value of commitment a little better, and it will play an important role in how you see relationships moving forward.


Your individual relationships will take center stage this month, be it your partner, your best friend, or an important colleague. Avoid signing any contracts while retrograde is around, and instead focus on planning and building ahead of time. Strengthening your one-on-one relationships will bring more harmony into your life, so take the time to cultivate them this season.


You're not usually one to enjoy structure, but this season you'll find that having some routine to things can be beneficial. Whether it's work or personal, a little organization can go a long way. Take good care of your health, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually as well. Having a sound mind, body, and soul will allow you to keep doing good work in the world.


You'll have a pretty swell time this Cancer season, dear Pisces! Your fifth house of creativity, romance and fun is getting a boost, and you'll be more inspired with your creative projects and just letting loose to have a good time. Things may also be looking up in the romance department as well; just remember to take caution with what you say during retrograde.


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