• Hitomi Ejima

Aries Season 2020: What to Expect

We're still only in the first quarter of the year and a lot of things have already happened. With the latest coronavirus outbreak affecting everyone around the globe, people are now both dreading and hoping what the rest of 2020 has in store for us.

March 19 is the start of Aries season and lasts until April 20. Because Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, this season ushers in an astrological new year! It's also the first day of spring equinox that promises new beginnings. Let's see what the universe has to say for each sign.

We know it's gonna be sucky having to spend your birthday at home while we all wait for this pandemic to die down, but chin up, dear Aries! This is still your season and you are in charge. Now is a really good time to start cracking on those personal goals that you've set for yourself at the beginning of the year. If you're encountering any blockers, reflect on any bad habits or distractions that may be weighing you down. Don't let the problems of the outside world stop you from going after what you want.

You may be one of the few rejoicing to have an actual excuse to stay at home for a long time, but that's not a bad thing at all! Your big turn is coming up next month, so take this time to indulge in one of your many self-care routines to recharge your batteries and welcome your season with new energy. You may find yourself taking on more responsibility at work for the next couple of weeks, so don't forget to take sufficient rest. Make the most out of those weekends, because you'll really need it!

If you're the more sociable kind of Gemini, self-quarantine will seem like a nightmare. However, that shouldn't stop you from staying connected with the outside world, even if it's only online for now. You may even be making new virtual friends! Aries season will bless you with a strong, courageous energy to bring more people together, and that can be put to a good cause. Rally others to spread the message of love and understanding, especially in this time of divide.

Work and career will be a highlight this season, which may prove challenging if you're still adjusting to a new, remote setup. Believe it or not, recognition will come more easily, so just keep at it and you will be rewarded for your efforts. You may be promoted to a leadership position, or take on a similar role as a project lead. Guide your team with that natural-born compassion, and you can truly shine in the workplace.

The sense of adventure will be strong this season, which may seem ironic since you can't really step outside the house right now. However, that shouldn't stop you from having little adventures from the comforts of your own home. Explore new worlds with a book, listen to new stories with a podcast, or if you're literally begging for a change of scenery, watch a travel documentary! All it takes is a little shift in perspective. We just need to wait this storm out, and we can all go out and fulfill those adventures soon!

Intimate relationships will take centerstage this month. If you're taken, you'll develop a deeper connection—especially if you're living together since you'll be spending more time together. If you're single, someone interesting may pop up on your radar soon! Work is also going to be a focus: Things may seem a little messier than usual, and that's where your organizational skills will come in. Stay on top of things, but also don't be too hard on yourself to avoid stress. Overall, this is going to be a pretty busy couple of weeks for you!

The romance department will be a priority for you this month, dear Libra. If you're with someone, this is a time to focus and cultivate the relationship, especially since (social) distance will be a factor this season. If you're single, the new person coming into your life has the potential to become someone serious. If you're not quite taken but sort of seeing someone, this may be the time define the relationship. Otherwise, it may be time to move on and devote energy to someone who will do the same.

Being a homebody for the next few weeks, you'll need to take extra care of your health and well-being. Make sure to eat right, do some stretches, and also take it easy with some relaxation exercises to keep both your physical and mental health in a good state. You'll find that your daily routines may also need some sprucing up; recalibrate priorities and make sure your processes are making you work smarter, not harder. Your life in general will be a lot easier afterwards.

Who says one can't have fun while at home?! You'll have more energy to embrace all the fun things right now, and you'll be extra creative in figuring out ways to liven things up not just for yourself but for everyone else. You'll be the sun in everyone's cloudy day, which is a blessing we all need in this particularly depressing time. Your romance and sex department (wink, wink) may also receive a boost as well! Good on you ;)

Aries season is generally a time for action and excitement, but this month the universe will ask you to take a breather and reflect on your journey thus far and how you've become the person you are today. You'll realize you'll be a lot kinder to yourself by addressing personal needs without having to feel guilty. It's also timely to stay at home right now, since you'll be feeling in the mood to redecorate or renovate. Family members may also get in touch with you soon.

Communication is a key theme for you this season, dear Aquarius. You'll find yourself a little more active in group chats now that everyone's at home, but also be mindful of how you communicate. In a professional setting, things may be misconstrued or lost in translation, so be careful in choosing your words to deliver a clear message. This is especially important since work may demand more deadlines or projects from you this month. Hang in there!

Now is the time to maybe review your bank account and check your spending habits thus far. Saving? Great. Hitting the red? You may want to dial down on some of that online shopping (it's tempting to hoard, but let's not be one of those people!). Projects that were started last month should come into fruition now, and you can look forward to earning a pretty penny from it! Take care of your finances, and everything will be alright.

We've got nine more months in the year to go, but hopefully the next few seasons will have something nice(r) in store for us! Keep calm and carry on, everyone! Stay at home, wash your hands, and moisturize. Stay healthy always ♥


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