• Hitomi Ejima

6 Love Crystals for the Sawi This Valentine's

Single or down on your luck this Valentine's? You may feel the itch to stock up on rose quartzes, but did you know they're not the only crystals used for love?

There are a multitude of pink crystals out there, all used to invite good luck in love and romance. They also bring in other benefits, such as joy, prosperity, and compassion. This is because pink crystals are (unsurprisingly) tied to the heart chakra, which governs emotional intelligence and teaches us to be more empathetic and kind to others.

Rose quartz

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Arguably the most famous of all pink crystals, the rose quartz is the go-to gemstone for love. It helps us to heal from old wounds and teaches us to forgive and have faith in others again, especially when we are feeling bitter and cynical about the world. It's not just used for romantic love but for all types of love, such as friendship, family, and most importantly: self-love. Use this as a pendant, place under your pillow, or hold with your non-dominant hand during meditation.


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Rhodonite helps coax out your best qualities to share them with the world. This way, you offer love to the universe and receive love in return. Also referred to as the "rescue stone," it releases negative emotions such as fear and anxiety, allowing us to see the world in a pure light once more. It is ideal for attracting romantic love and strengthening family bonds.


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Like rhodonite but a bit more of a mouthful to pronounce, rhodochrosite is said to boost one's self-esteem, allowing us to feel more confident to put ourselves out there. It also harmonizes wavelengths, allowing you to better connect with others. If you're feeling a little naughty, this stone is also said to enhance one's sex life (wink, wink).


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Kunzite is a pale pink stone that is said to instill unconditional love in us. It helps us to let go of judgment in others and invites us to be more accepting of ourselves at the same time. For those who have not been in a relationship in a long time, this is a beneficial stone to re-open your heart to someone new. Hold this while doing breathing exercises to release tension from the body.


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Morganite is a great stone for healing if you have undergone emotional trauma, allowing you to learn from your pain. It lets you go through all the stages of grief, especially if you are at a point where you feel the world has forsaken you. If you are in a healthier place, this stone brings a sense of lightness to its carrier.

Pink tourmaline

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Pink tourmaline radiates strong feminine energy inside it, providing calm, emotional cleansing, and balance. It opens up a nurturing space inside us, allowing us to treat others with kindness and care. You can also wear this as a good luck charm to attract your crush's attention!

You could buy one (or all five) of these stones in the hopes of finding someone, but at the end of the day, we still need to learn to be happy with our own company. Trust in the universe that the right one will come in due time, and the rest of the blessings will follow.


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