• Hitomi Ejima

6 Crystals You'll Need This Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is a term loosely thrown around these days, and it usually sends people in a state of dread or panic. But what does it mean and how exactly can it impact us? And what can we do (and shouldn't do) while this phenomenon is happening?

Retrograde is the terminology used when a planet is reversing its orbit⁠—even though it actually isn't. In truth, it's an optical illusion from our viewpoint on Earth as we get closer to other planets during our own orbit. In astrology, the planet Mercury rules over technology, communication, and travel. So when Mercury is in retrograde, events like miscommunication, quarrels, delayed flights, and malfunctioning devices are said to occur more frequently. Coincidence? No one can know for sure.

Unfortunately for us, Mercury retrograde happens three to four times a year. This 2020, the dates are:

  • February 17 to March 10

  • June 18 to July 12

  • October 14 to November 3

This may look like we are being robbed of nine perfectly good weeks in the entire year, but it doesn't have to be that way. Now that we know what to expect, we can be more mindful of our actions to preempt common mishaps during Mercury retrograde. Better yet, crystals can lend their energies and help us get through these tough periods. Some stones worth considering are:

Clarity: Fluorite

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In a period where our thoughts can get muddled more easily, fluorite is the go-to crystal for mental clarity. While it is advised not to make big decisions during Mercury retrograde, that's just something we can't always afford to do in the workplace. Fluorite will help us with decision-making, especially on a time crunch or when weighing options.

When not in retrograde, fluorite can also help with study and memorization, which is why it is particularly popular among students.

Focus: Malachite / Clear Quartz

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Malachite is especially helpful during retrograde because it allows us to assess situations from a more balanced perspective. This stone taps into both sides of the brain, making it easier to identify problems and come up with solutions. It also brings to light negative patterns that may block thought processes, including distraction and inaction. Malachite allows us to seize our goals with more determination.

Clear quartz absorbs negative energy, allowing us to calm down and take a step back from stressful situations. It is an all-around, helpful stone for relaxing and clearing the mind, making it more malleable to absorb and process information correctly. If you are feeling especially bombarded or overwhelmed with details, this stone will anchor you out of confusion.

Communication: Aquamarine / Chrysocolla

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Aquamarine connects the heart and throat chakra, allowing you to speak your feelings with sincerity. This crystal, reminiscent of the bright, blue waters of the sea, also soothes any strong feelings such as anger, which can cloud minds and cause us to speak out of line.

Communication is not just speaking, but also listening. Chrysocolla teaches us to respond appropriately to different situations and also allows us to move past old ways of thinking, letting us see different perspectives more clearly. This is especially important in arguments caused by biases.

Self-Discipline: Amethyst

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Impulse buying and the regrets that follow are a common occurrence during Mercury retrograde. Amethyst is a versatile stone that is also beneficial for those who lack discipline or self-control, which is perfect if you're feeling a bit more of a shopaholic than usual. The amethyst has grounding and enlightening properties, allowing you to think things through a little more carefully.

It is said that babies born during a Mercury retrograde are better equipped to survive it. If you're not as blessed, this cocktail of crystals will allow you to make it through. Since these trying times happen almost quarterly every year, these stones are definitely worth investing in.


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