• Hitomi Ejima

5 Spells and Rituals to Try Out This Full Moon

Full moons have always been a significant phenomenon in astrology, magic, and even other spiritual practices. The moon brings an energy that ebbs and flows with its phases, affecting us in different ways. Even in science, its gravitational pull affects tidal waves. This coming March 10th is the first supermoon of the year, and here are some rituals and spells you can try out to harness its power.

Charge your crystals.

Crystals are amazing stones that lend us their powers when we most need them. However, this also means their energies can wane and deplete over time. Moonlight is an excellent source of energy to recharge your crystals and return them to their full potential.

Gather your crystals in a bowl and set it outside your home where moonlight can directly touch it. Ideally, cleanse them first with water or via smudging to purify your crystals and fully open them up to receive the power of the moon. Some also use a white cloth to further absorb the moonlight. Be sure to take your crystals back by dawn, as direct sunlight can cause damage to some stones.

Make full moon water.

Full moon water is basically normal drinking water that you leave outside or by the windowsill under the moonlight. Ideally you'll want to use spring or purified water in a glass container so that other elements like bugs or dirt don't get inside. Set an intention or a wish (either by vocalizing it or writing your intentions on a piece of paper), leave it out, and then drink the water the following morning to absorb those intentions and wishes into your body.

Release negativity.

Moonlight not only purifies—it also sheds light on darkness. If you've been experiencing a lot of negativity recently, write these feelings down on a piece of paper. Once you have exhausted these sentiments and reflected on them, alight it with a lighter or candle, let it burn, and let go.

Have a tarot reading.

The full moon is a good time to seek counsel with tarot cards. A full moon spread is a great way to achieve clarity if you have been feeling lost or confused for some time. This will bring to light truths you may not have realized, and will help start the growing or healing process.

Pray to a goddess.

Women in particular have a closer connection to the moon, which symbolizes a motherly figure. Throughout different beliefs, many goddesses have been associated with the moon, such as the Egyptian goddess Isis, Greek goddesses Demeter and Selene, Norse goddess Freya, Celtic goddess Morrigan, and Mayan goddess Ixchel. Each of these goddesses rule over certain feminine aspects, and connecting with them will grant you their gifts.

To get their blessing, meditate and invite the goddess you would like to pray to. Freya is said to aid in fertility, Ixchel in easing menstrual cycles, while Isis and Morrigan help with your intuition.

This Worm Moon in March is a particularly good time to plant the seeds of good wishes and intentions. However, these rituals can be done any month of the year, and are a good way to cleanse and nourish your spirit regularly. Try it out with us and let us know how it goes for you! 🌙


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