• Hitomi Ejima

5 Crystals That Boost Focus and Productivity

Now that everyone is working from home due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, you may either be rejoicing or dreading your new WFH setup. Not everyone has the discipline to be as concentrated when working from home, especially with all the chores and distractions. Thankfully, these crystals can help boost focus and productivity to keep you in the right headspace while we wait this NCOV situation out.

Tiger's Eye

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Tiger's Eye is aptly called "Stone of the Mind," and is one of the most well-known crystals to improve focus and concentration. Like a tiger out on the hunt, this stone can clear you from distractions, keep you more attentive, and boost determination. It also provides clarity if you often find yourself becoming scatterbrained. It can also be a good aid when studying or researching, as this stone opens up your mind to absorb information more easily.

Clear Quartz

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Clear quartz is a versatile stone known for many properties, one of which is also keeping the mind balanced and free of distractions. If you need to stay focused to meet a deadline or to absorb information faster, clear quartz is the stone for you. Set your intent to boost productivity and smash through those tasks!


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Fluorite is popular with students for being a helpful aid during study. Especially when shaped as an obelisk, it is particularly useful for boosting mental focus. It improves concentration, removes mental blocks, and heightens critical thinking capabilities. If you're trying to understand a difficult concept, this stone can aid you in absorbing information more easily.


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Amazonite brings forth a calming energy that allows you to concentrate better, solve problems more easily, and increase attention span. It's also good in improving communication, especially at a time when we can't talk face-to-face with our coworkers. It's also used to help shield from the electromagnetic fields of devices such as laptops and phones.


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If your ideas are feeling particularly stagnant, malachite can usher forth fresh, new ideas to the table. Understanding and insight can come more easily, combines logic with intuition, and allows for more breakthroughs and eureka moments. Holding a malachite in each hand is also said to promote balance between the left and right sides of the brain.

Having one or a combination of these crystals will make a good cocktail for focus and productivity while working from home. If you're feeling stressed or anxious with the coronavirus situation in general, we've also got you covered with the right crystals here.


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