• Hitomi Ejima

4 Pinoy Tarot Readers to Subscribe to for Daily Readings

In a time of uncertainty or when we just don't have a specific question to ask, daily readings can prove useful. As a general message from the universe, tarot cards can provide insight on what we don't realize we may be needing. If you don't own a deck of your own or don't quite know how to interpret just yet, these four Pinoy tarot readers are a good place to start subscribing.

Rob Rubin

(Follow @robrubinreadings on IG)

Rob Rubin has over two decades of tarot reading experience and has been featured in numerous talk shows. He is the founder of Mysterium Philippines, a leading learning institution for tarot consultation, reiki healing, and other mystic practices. He also does weekly tarot draws on his Instagram for his subscribers.

El Tarocchi

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El Tarocchi is a certified tarot master who has been reading since 2005. She does weekly pick-a-card readings in sets of three where anyone interested can pick a card from the comments section to get a free interpretation.

MaleMystic Manila

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MaleMystic Manila lets his subscribers pick a card and then reveals their interpretations in a subsequent post. He has a wide collection of decks on rotate, keeping it varied and fun for his readers.

Numine Senses

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Danna of Numine Senses does tarot readings for every phase of the moon. Her 4-card spread also has free interpretations for her subscribers.

Got any more local tarot readers you know that aren't on the list? Let us know in the comments section below :)


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