• Hitomi Ejima

2020 Outlook: 3 tarot spreads to guide you this year

In tarot, it's common practice to do new year spreads to figure out what lies ahead for the next 12 months—especially in times of uncertainty. Whether it's what to look forward to or prepare for, there are different, creative ways in figuring out what's in store for you this 2020.

Don't know which one works for you? These three spreads are a great way to start.

Monthly spread (14 cards)

You can always keep it simple by assigning one card for every month, and then a separate card to determine your overall theme for the year. The wild card is the last one you draw—basically your "expect the unexpected" card—that can determine what and how much change it can influence on your whole year.

Categorical spread (13 cards)

This spread from The Tarot Lady is a great, well-balanced spread, allowing you to also quickly reflect on the year before. Apart from looking at the different aspects of your life, it also gives a snapshot of each season, what challenges to watch out for, as well as a glimpse into the next year.

Star spread (7 cards)

This simple and sweet spread from Tarot.com is perfect for those who don't want to be overwhelmed with details. If you prefer a more general overview while still allowing some element of surprise for the year ahead, this spread is for you.

Remember: the beauty in tarot lies in the fact that you can always create your own spread. Feel free to combine and discover what resonates with you best.


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